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Total Trans4mation Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. was founded by Ryan Kennedy in June of 2011. Ryan is happily married to his wife Brandi and has 3 children (Sean, Jaden and Reagan). Ryan was born on August 22, 1973 and has lived in the Nashville and Murfreesboro area ever since. Ryan was raised by his father Col. Gerald Kennedy and his mother Diane Kennedy who are both proud graduates of David Lipscomb University. Together they provided Ryan and his younger brother Brandon with a solid Christian foundation which they claim had a huge impact in how they were raised. Their dad’s military training also played a large role in how they were raised and the boys were no strangers to hard work and earning their keep. Their father made it a point to teach them things like cleanliness, respect for others, the importance of having good character and fulfilling your obligations. Their mother’s influence was more of a nurturing and supportive role having always made sure the boys were cared for and on time to their various academic and after school activities. Ryan and his brother are both extremely thankful for the love and support they received during their youth which has played a huge part in shaping them into the men they are today

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Ryan graduated high school in 1992 and shortly after he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps having a deep desire to serve his country and follow in his father and grandfather’s military footsteps. He was initially stationed in Paris Island, South Carolina where he pursued his MOS in reconnaissance. Over time he developed a mass swelling on his right knee which prevented him from being able to run and perform in physical training. His knee never responded to any of the Navy’s physical therapy treatments so the Marine Corps had no other choice but to honorably discharge him from active duty. Ryan accepted the Marine Corps decision and upon returning to the civilian world he pursued another career option working as a maintenance assistant for a property management company. This is where Ryan learned the basics of HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Over the next 7 years Ryan advanced in his training and was eventually promoted to Maintenance Technician and then Maintenance Supervisor. That experience opened the door for him to take a better job in a more advanced field working for an HVAC and Plumbing service company. Over the next 3 years Ryan learned how to run service calls and perform installations on multiple types of brand names and systems. He also learned how to service different types of water heaters and other plumbing related items. In 2003, Ryan was in an unfortunate accident that left him with a broken wrist and a severe shoulder injury that took away the use of his right arm for nearly a year. Ryan had spent a total of 10 years in the mechanical industry before the accident occurred and unfortunately the loss of his right arm forced him to hang the tools up for a while and do something different.

In August 2003, Ryan began focusing on his Christian faith and he accepted an opportunity from his church to attend a local seminary school which was accredited by Fuller Theological Seminary School located in Los Angeles, CA. Ryan eventually graduated from seminary school and received his ordination as a Christian minister. Upon returning home from California, Ryan accepted a ministry position in Murfreesboro, TN for a Christian ministry called 180 Degrees Ministries. Ryan spent nearly 7 years working there as a Christian counselor helping teenagers and adults through various types of struggles. During that period, Ryan met his wife Brandi and the two dated for a little over a year before deciding to get married. Ryan and Brandi got married on April 28, 2007 and the two of them bought a small house in Murfreesboro, TN. In 2008, the economy took a turn for the worst and the ministry Ryan worked for could no longer afford to pay his salary. Ryan was forced to look for other ways to supplement his income so he let the word get out that he was offering HVAC repair services. Word of mouth spread rapidly about Ryan performing HVAC repairs which was mostly because a whole lot of people got to know him and his heart through his years in ministry and his friends wanted to see him succeed. Ryan believes that his faith in God and support of friends and family paved the way for his business to grow to the point where he could run the business on a full-time basis. On June 1, 2011, Ryan decided to take a leap of faith and start what is now referred to as; Total Trans4mation Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

Ryan firmly believes that his 7 years of ministry was a God-given opportunity to not only help those in need but also to prepare him for his role in business as a leader and friend to the community. As of today, Ryan has a combined 15 years of HVAC, plumbing, gas and electrical experience and he has acquired all the proper licensing to perform those types of residential and commercial services. Ryan holds a Master Mechanical License through the state of Tennessee and he is also DET and EPA certified. His company is certified in Manual J, Manual D, NATE, ACCA, Carrier Green Speed, York, Goodman, Nest, Nexia and is a TVA Approved Contractor. He feels like his role as a friend and business owner is to serve others and lead by example to the best of his abilities. He believes that the actions and reputation of his company reflect “who he is” and “what he stands for” which is why he is determined to build a company that provides God’s people with the best HVAC, plumbing, gas and electrical services in the industry.

Our Reputation…

Under Ryan’s leadership, the company has developed into one of the most reputable HVAC companies in the Middle Tennessee area. We have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and we have received over 50 great responses and reviews on Google, Angie’s List, Home Adviser and Facebook. In 2016, our company was awarded the 2016 BBB Finalist Torch Awards. This award is considered one of the most prestigious awards that a company can receive and we were very humbled to hear that the BBB chose us as one of their benchmarks. In addition, the company was also awarded the 2015 and 2016 Ruthies Finalist Award for “Favorite Heating and Air Company”. In 2014, the company was approved by the TVA to join their Quality Contractor Network which puts the company on a short list of the TVA’s approved contractors. Ryan has a very simple and effective business philosophy that he uses which has helped the company in developing the 5-star reputation that is has today. “Treat people in the same manner that you wish to be treated”.

Our vision…

As Ryan began to develop the vision for Total Trans4mation, he had two objectives he wanted to reach.

The First Objective: "Do whatever it takes to create a business that will reflect his faith in God and the love he has for his community."

The one thing that most people know about Ryan is that he has a genuine heart for his family, friends and community. His commitment to his faith in God is what drives him to be the loving and caring person that he is. Ryan believes that if you are honest, treat people right, and do a good job for them, they will know that you value them and their property. It’s usually hard to express dissatisfaction towards someone whose heart is set on making you joyful. Ryan believes in earning the respect of others first through actions and not just talking about it. He believes that providing a great service will ultimately help increase our reputation as a trustworthy company which will then help the company to fulfill its second objective.

The Second Objective: "Use the company's revenue as a tool to help those who are less fortunate."

Ryan really enjoys helping those less fortunate and has spent many years reaching out to those in need. His long-term goal is to provide jobs, education, and funding for individuals and ministries who need financial assistance with the types of services we offer.

Our Perspective…

What ever happened to the good old days where the people who took care of you saw you as friends and not just customers? It appears people today have had to settle for being “the customer” and not someone who’s personally valued. Think about the Andy Griffith show for instance. Gomer Pyle was a friend first and a Gas Station attendant second. So was his cousin Goober the mechanic and Floyd the barber. At Total Trans4mation, we want to transform the expectations people have for customer service by showing them that they are friends first and customers second. Friends should treat people right and take time out to make sure they do a good job for them. Great service is what our customers expect and that’s exactly what we’re going to give them — nothing less!

Our Promise…

Nothing says customer service like getting the most money for your buck! For this reason, Total Trans4mation offers a complimentary two-year labor warranty on most HVAC installations in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. This labor warranty is one year longer than the one year industry standard. When we come out to inspect or repair your system, we take time to go the extra mile. Not only do we make sure your job is done right, but we also take the time to inspect your system while we are there. We will check your refrigerant levels, inlet and outlet temperature, condenser coils, fan motors, condensation drainage, thermostat, and filter as part of our 7-step check point courtesy inspection. Providing a service like this can save you a lot of money in efficiency and future repairs. Won’t it be nice knowing you have a technician that is willing to look at more than just the area needing repair?

Our Heart…

Being a former youth and family minister, Ryan has heard the cries and struggles that people in his community are dealing with. Ryan is married with three children of his own so he knows a thing or two about the importance of family. More importantly, he knows how hard it is to try and raise a family when the cards are stacked against you. Ryan loves helping those who are in need which is partly the reason why he named the company Total Trans4mation. Ryan is not just focused on improving your living environment, he is also focused on improving our community! Ryan uses a portion of the company’s proceeds to help provide funding for local non-profits and those who are in need. This is worth mentioning because Total Trans4mation wants their customers to know that their money is not just going to a good company, it’s also going to a good cause! Ryan has a vision to provide training for individuals who lack career skills as well as employment for those in need.

Our standards

F.I.E.L.D. stands for…

  • Friendly - to the customers
  • Informative - of their needs
  • Experienced - in the field
  • Loyal - to every task
  • Determined - to do the job right

Every new member of our team must attend the F.I.E.L.D. program before we allow them to enter your home or place of business. If our customers don't appreciate the service we provide and the manner in which we do it, then we have already failed them. That's the reason the F.I.E.L.D. program is so important. We pride ourselves in getting great reviews from our customers and we will stop at nothing to make sure you have a great experience with us.

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