eScore Information

Did you know that your local power company will give you a free in home energy consultation, free smart bulbs, and is offering over $1,000 in rebates for certain energy improvements? Look below and find your power company to find out what specific rebates they are offering through the TVA's eScore program.

MED eScore Rebates MTEMC eScore Rebates NES eScore Rebates

Next Step

If you see any rebates offered that you would like to take advantage of, here’s what to do next.

  1. Call us to schedule one of the energy improvements listed above (Example: Tune Up).
  2. After the work is complete, go to, watch the program video, and click on Register Here under I am a Homeowner. Submit your address & verify the information is correct. Submit your contact information and click on Referrals where it asks how you heard about the program. Click on Additional Details and then select Total Trans4mation Heating & Air Conditioning at the bottom of the list.
  3. Once you have registered, they will email you with a Site ID number. We will need this number to submit your energy evaluation (which is at no cost to you) once you have completed one of the energy improvements such as a tune up. Simply either forward that email to us or call us with that information and your energy company will contact you to schedule an energy evaluation.
  4. We will then turn your completed paperwork into your local power company. Within a couple weeks, your local power company will contact you to schedule your home's eScore evaluation. Once they approve the work that was performed, they will approve the request for a rebate in the form of a credit on your energy bill.